Usermin Virtualmin Webmin ????

I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I cannot get my head wrapped around this panel. I currently use HC7 and DNP 2.3.0 I saw this panel and wanted to try it out. I like it but I cannot get it sorted out. Here is my issue.

Who uses Usermin? is this the website owner?

Who is the Webmin user/owner? Where are the panel configurations such as creating a database and the normal things you see in a CP?

I created a virtual server but what is that? I then logged out and then logged back in as that user for the just created virtual server.

Ok, I now wanted to create a user and I cannot find it. I want to create a MySQL DB and all I get is a set of tools for creating tables?

Where is the section that says to the user "Create New Database"?
Matter of fact where are any of the normal Control Panel tools?

How does a user log into the Usermin?

This is not very clear in the docs. please help thanks

Usermin is for clients to do simple tasks like getting email or setting filters.

Webmin is the core for Virtualmin, they are 2 separate programs though.

Webmin is the main control panel for the server.

Virtualmin is the web hosting control panel that all customers and admin use to create/edit/delete features and/or domains.

Hope this helps

Hello Scott,

Thanks for helping me out on this and my other posts. This does help but i cannot
see how this panel actually is efficient. I cannot add websites I cannot administer a website amongst a few other things. It appears to be a server control panel not a Hosting Control Panel?

So I have to create a virtual server each time I create a website?
How do I add a user to the virtual server for just editing a website?
Are some of the features I am referring to not available in the GPL version?


VM IS the hosting control panel. I’m not sure if the GPL uses the VM framed theme, but if it does, use that and the hosting control will become apparent. Users can be added in the VM control by selecting the domain (hosting server) or you can log in using the domain and the webmin port, depending on the modules you’ve added to the virtual server support.

You may want to visit,definitions_for_virtualmin_terms/ in the docs to get a start on that.


Hello Dan,
THanks for jumping in here,

I read those docs and it helped some But I still don’t get it.

Where do I… man, I don’t even know where to start

I logged in as root
I created a virtual server and with this a user of the name joe was created and the password was set.

Ok what type of user is this? A webmin A Usermin A Vmin?

I logged out and then logged back in as this user and I don’t see anything that really pertains to a conducive hosting system?

Here is an example.


This is what I am trying to get in VM GPL

When done please try and help me get to this level of functonality in VM



I think I see it now. I couldn’t change the theme. This showed no possible way to administer the servers. I found the way to change it and it was there.