Usermin Skins & LDAP Postfix

Hi, currently looking at virualmin pro and usermin. Wondering if you have the ability to update usermin with skins to make it a little more ‘pretty’ for end users.

Also, I’ve read that you are planning to incorporate LDAP Support for Postfix, and am wondering when that is planned for deployment?

Currently looking to switch from my current solution of ISPMan to you.

Thank you.

Hi Mikel,

Sorry this went unnoticed for a while. I forgot to enable notifications for this forum, so I didn’t notice it.

Yes, Usermin can be themed just like Webmin, and Virtualmin Professional includes a Usermin version of Virtualmin-Nuvola. I haven’t done the other colors yet, but will by the time we make the first official release (i.e. at the end of the Early Adopter period, when the discounts go away). The Virtualmin-Nuvola theme is going to be getting a lot of updates in the coming weeks and months as we integrate AJAX features, ease of use and speed of use enhancements (actually a lot of this will have to happen at the Webmin level, since it requires server-side support in addition to fancy stylesheets).

LDAP users in Postfix is coming quite soon–it already mostly exists for mailbox users, it just isn’t automatic or included in the installer, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect down to the level of all of the other services, like Usermin for webmail and such. There are many possible things that can be pushed into LDAP, but we’ll probably focus on users, since that seems to be what people want in there. :wink:

We’re moving as fast as possible, though Jamie is doing most of the moving forward. I’m too busy with the lateral motion of supporting multiple Operating Systems with native packages and such. But once the installer works across all platforms (we’re about halfway through now) development will speed up a bit.

Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the new releases with LDAP, we are planning on delpoying this in mid-january on the pro version, so hopefully we can start betting testing some domains before the full roll-out.

Happy New Year!

Hi Joe,

Any news on the LDAP for postfix? I’ve been hoping to be able to roll out the new server with the LDAP support, so we’ve been holding off, but my 1 year is almost 1/2 up for the license! =)

Please let me know where we stand on this.


Hey Mikel,

I believe it’s possible now to use LDAP postfix users in Virtualmin, though it’s not documented anywhere. I’ll see about getting it documented.

Also, don’t worry about your license running out before you get all the features expected for EA–Early Adopters are going to get a full year from the date the EA period ends. :wink:

Thanks Joe. Documentation would be great. Good news about the license too!

I look forward to using the new system.


i posted asking about this…are there docs anywhere?