Usermin Reply button

Can the Usermin reply button also be at the top of a email?

It’s a minor hassle having to scroll to the very bottom of a long email to be able to reply.

mine you don’t scroll its just at the buttom

Thanks, I just corrected my original from “send” to “reply”.

Already there!

So it is somewhere in the settings, offhand can’t remember where.

Still not getting that, its fixed in a window. Can screenshot what you mean.

Thanks, I looked and I found! Another Virtualmin miracle.

Mail Preferences, Show buttons at top for - set to Mailboxes and mails.

Next line, what are pager arrows?

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:person_shrugging:t2: No idea.
Perhaps something to do with the number of emails in each page / move between number of pages (my mailboxes never get that full :slightly_frowning_face: )

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