Usermin point to mail box

Hi all,
This is my current layout.

Box 1

-Prof Edition
-Running for Vhost web sites ( etc)

Box 2

  • GPL licence
  • Holding mailBox (for domainA, domain B)

Reason separate box, is due to mail server required more cpu/bandwidth/diskspace and has list a big groups of users.


A/CNAME for websites, point to box 1
Respective MX Records point to box 2

I tested websites and smtp/pop run beautifully. The problem now is webmail - usermin.


How to I configure will point to usermin on Box 2 with URL unchanged? (which means I dont want to redirect the url)
*current will redirect to

Any idea, some said using port fwd in iptables. But i need hear what experts says ?

Any configuration on webmin can solve this issue?


if Box 2 has as hostname: and you would create aliases on it like
would that be an idea? Or have everyone use the same url like

Yup, After some research, I thought of domain alias as well. Only thing I needed is to pipe/port fwd. between and FQDM:20000 usermin.

Correct me if i’m wrong