Usermin loading for too much time | plenty of ram and cpu already

Hi friends

I have this issue

I am using old theme version for usermin because I thought at first it was something theme related that made usermin not to load any content or emails. But it seems to be something else.

Why could this be happening ? I am using my own vps server also for imap at

Is that correct? The default in Virtualmin is mail.domain.tld.


Hi @RJM_Web_Design thank you
imap is mail dot yaku dot app

I tried changing mail storage format to maildir and it is loading fast now

but obviously i need to collect emails from imap not from mail dir so , I don’t know what could be happening

If I use maildir I can send meail but not receive it . When someone sends me an email sender gets the following:

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-27 at 1.20.00 PM

Just for the record, I am using cloudfare for my mx records.

And my hostname for my vps is

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