Usermin IMAP Connections

I am finding that where a user has created a number of mail folders, Dovecot complains in the maillog “Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded”. The default for Dovecot is 10. I have increased that to 15 - but I’m not sure I should just keep on increasing that.

Does the Usermin client have any way to limit the number of simultaneous IMAP connections?

(CentOS6.2 + VM Pro)


Hmm, Usermin having a lot of folders shouldn’t cause that problem, in theory… do you know if there’s something in particular that the user is doing when that error starts occurring?


I just tested it. All I need do to generate the log warning “Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded” is… log in to the account via Usermin. No browser refresh, or anything like that is required.

The number of IMAP folders is 18 on this account. So I’ve upped Dovecot’s limit to 25 - but still there is the log warning if you log in to this Usermin account.

I don’t want to just keep upping the connections limit - that seems unwise. Surely Usermin should not be such a connection hog?

I unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce that issue as of yet… I have over 100 folders on my account (err, there are those who would call me nuts with the folders :slight_smile: – and I don’t see that issue here.

I’ve been trying to tinker around a bit to see how to cause the behavior you’re seeing.

In order to allow me to closely mimic your setup, how many folders is your user using there?

Also, what Linux distribution/version are you on? And do you by chance know what Dovecot version you have there?


This is CentOS6.2 + VM Pro (all latest). Dovecot is 2.0.9

The number of folders at logon is 18. One is ‘virtual’ (‘Search Results’), the others are IMAP. The mailbox is 19Mb.