Usermin > filemin -- prefs.username

OS type and version EL 8
Usermin version 2.010

Is there a method to set default or global prefs for filemin module in usermin?

For example, copy my prefs.username to prefs.default – and then everyone gets prefs.default unless/until they change something (then they get their own prefs.username).

If there’s a method for achieving this, please let me know!


Wish you had provided an example of what you want to achieve in File Manager but absent a specific example, I can only offer a general answer.

There is Webmin->Webmin Configuration and whatever is specified here is considered the global default for everything in Webmin, not just in the File Manager. After Webmin is configured the way you want, your users can modify the setting as per their preferences, but you were able to get them started the way you wanted them to start.

I think you were looking for that outcome, right? You wanted to set the global default preferences and then give your users the option to change them. Webmin->Webmin Configuration will let you do that.

as this is a usermin question maybe Webmin → Usermin Configuration would be a better bet ?

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Yes, you are right @jimr1

Preferences are created for each user, and currently, it isn’t possible to read these from any default settings specifically for the File Manager.

What you can do is create a set of default preferences for some user and then automate the process for each new user/domain created using Virtualmin after command to physically copy the files from the preferred default user to all new users.