Usermin, Email Filters & Spamassassin

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.9.0

Hello all,

I’m running into an issue while activating Email Filters. My setup is running fine and everything is delivered as expected until I activate any filter in Usermin → Mail → Email Filters. When I add a rule there is also a change to be found in Usermin → Mail → Mail Forwarding and Replies:

As soon as this is active any incoming mail will not be scanned by Spamassassin. The “X-Spam-*” headers are missing in the mail and there is no hint of spamd/spamassassin being used in the mail log.

Deleting the entry (under “Mail Forwarding and Replies”) will restore the functionality.

These are my settings in Virtualmin → Email Settings → Spam and Virus Scanning:

I even tried to use “Spamassassin (Standalone program)” but this didn’t change anything.

The procmail settings itself have never been touched manually:

How can I use the mail filters without breaking the scans by spamassassine?
There are many discussions around these topics, but none seems to fit in this forum.

Thanks in advance and best regards

I take it your usermin filter list looks something like

and a filter looks like this

I write this as I have no issues with this working set up as per the illustrations , I was wondering what differences there may be to your setup.
The only difference I can see is your running clamav I am not, gave up on that one a long time ago as it uses too much resource for little gain

Hello jimr1,

yes, if I set up filters it looks like that (I actually delete the rules and the /etc/procmail entry above anytime my test did not work).

But this would be a sample entry:

Nothing special, I would think…

When I add or change the entry, I can find the related one in “Usermin → Mail → Procmail Filters”:

and the already mentioned entry in “Mail Forwarding and Replies”:

with these details:

That might be correct, but still I wonder, why spamassassin is then taken out from the incoming mail process. Everything else seems to work but spamd is not involved anymore.

Just to add this… it’s only the Spamassassin related part missing, as spamd is not involved in the incoming mail process anymore. Everything else is working. DKIM and DMARC is working but implented as smtp_milters i.e.

This is an example send by google, left site after I activated a rule:

And this part is missing in the logs while the mail is processed:

The if the procmail rules for the user is active the spamd part is not called at all.

Best regards

I’m not sure then this works flawlessly for me & has done so for years, There must be something configured differently or using, maybe, a different version of some software or is it your running clamav & I’m not

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