.usermin and logs folder

Hello to all,

Can anyone please tell me wher can I change ".usermin" and "logs" folder location when virtual server is created? I wont to put .usermin and logs folder inside ~/$DOMAIN/ , so the structure will look something like this:


I am looking for two days this options inside webmin, but cannt find them. Pleas Help.

And wher can i change the webmin tab name? I think by default its using names inside hostname file. Is ther a way to use custom name not listed in hostanem file?



As far as the logs and .usermin directories go – I don’t believe you’ll be able to change either of those.

The logs dir should already go into $HOME/$DOMAIN/logs/ for any sub-server you’d create, and $HOME/logs/ for the primary domain, so that sounds along the lines of what you’re after for that one.

And the .usermin directory is specific to a given user, it’s not shared between all the users within a Virtual Server, so you couldn’t have just one in $HOME/$DOMAIN/.usermin… you’d need one for each user, so they have those go into the email account owner’s home directory.

Regarding the Virtualmin title in your browser – I’m not sure :slight_smile: I thought maybe that’d be a setting in the User Interface Settings page, but apparently not.

Hopefully Joe or someone can chime in on that…

Thanks for your time trying to explain me. The option for changing title in webmin/virtualmin is in User Interface Settings, don’t know how I passed this option.

Ok, if I can`t move .usermin and logs folder, is ther a way to hide this files or folders from users? My clients are 10-15 years old, and they delete all files that they dont like:-).