.usermin & usernamelength 2

Hi all,
/me is a new virtualmin user and I love it already. We’re using usermin & webmin for a couple of years now and wanted to help our virtualhosters a bit.

I’ve got 2 questions.

I’ve read about the 16 username length limit. But why isn’t it possible when adding a user to choose a username not related to emailaddress? Now every user is an emailadress and that’s a bit lame sometimes. Now I have to add a username with email and directly an extra emailaddress to it.

Second problem; all users can’t open their emailbox in Usermin/webmail because of this error:

Failed to create /userpath/.usermin : Permission denied

where userpath is the right path offcourse :wink:

// I know this is a crosspost. but don’t know where 2 go.