Usermin 1.74 - Authentic Theme Update

Hi all

I have the latest Virtualmin 6.02-3 GPL with Usermin 1.73.
Authentic Theme Update want Usermin 1.74 to update.

The error message says
“upgrade Usermin to the latest development version first using console, by running “” script from its directory.”

I see that usermin is 1.74 since one month :

Is it a good thing to run the suggested command “” now or is it better to wait that Virtualmin is updated ???


Same here.

Are you going to update Usermin version in Virtualmin in the following days/weeks? I would like to update the Authentic Theme version.

In the front panel of Virtualmin this version of Usermin (1.734) is marked as “outdated”.

Thank you very much.


Just to clear up some confusion. Webmin and Usermin get released earlier on, however before they are released on Joe tends to vette things a bit more, so there are delays between the two site’s releasing the same products. This process in part is a result of making sure Webmin/Usermin don’t break Virtualmin support, whereas on this isn’t a priority as Webmin/Usermin can technically be installed independent of Virtualmin when desired or appropriate. Cheers!

Thank you for your clarification.