Usermin 1.730 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 1.730 of Usermin to the Virtualmin repositories. This version is the first with Authentic theme 19.x, which includes a new single page app architecture. As with Webmin and Virtualmin (which are both getting another minor release very soon), this is likely to introduce exciting new bugs. But, it also provides a tremendous performance boost, on average, because we no longer have to load the JavaScript libraries and styles and such on every new page…only the content gets loaded with each new page. This is the primary change in this version, though there were probably a couple of minor bugfixes, too.

Changes since 1.720:

  • Theme and translation updates.

As always, file bugs if you run into problems (you can file them here in the issue tracker, or at github, and we’ll triage them to the right person, either Jamie or Ilia, usually, depending on whether it’s a theme or Usermin bug).