User restrictions

We want to limit the user restrictions for the virtualmin-interface.

Is there a possible way, so that the user only see the menu point Logs and Reports-> View AWstats Report?

A intuitive restriction setting interface for virtualmin is missing.

May there a few tricks, to setup it correctly,
to set total restrictions for a novice user in the virtualmin-interface.

Thanks in advance!


It’s not possible to fine-tune each menu option to that extent.

However, if you only want one option available to your users – rather than having them log into Virtualmin, you could just allow them to access awstats outside of Virtualmin. To do that, they could use this URL:

Hi andreychek,

Thanks for your reply!

Ok, to fine-tune virtualmin users would be a nice feature for the next virtualmin versions.

I had the same idea like you, so the user can reach AWstat outside of virtualmin. Thanks for the info
don’t know that.

But, if I use this, I will get this error:

======== cut ========
Error: SiteDomain parameter not defined in your config/domain file. You must edit it for using this version of AWStats.
Setup (’/etc/awstats/awstats.conf’ file, web server or permissions) may be wrong.
Check config file, permissions and AWStats documentation (in ‘docs’ directory).
======== cut ========

If I fill up the SiteDomain-Parameter in the file /etc/awstats/awstats.conf with the domainname,
only one domainname can used, because this will be shown on the AWstat-site (
May it is possible to configure this in virtualmin?
The virtualmin config-menu Logs and Reports->AWstats Configuration don’t offer an option to create this configuration-file in the

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Hi andreychek again :slight_smile:

I have found out the link, which is used in virtualmin - this also solves the problem:

Have a nice day!