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OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version Version 6.17 Pro
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I have added a user/site to one of our virtualmin boxes. I have given that user permission through administration-ownerlimits to “can manage databases” “can manage users”. However we cannot see anywhere to add a simple database user and then assign permission on the database for that user. The user is able to add databases but cannot add database users and/or assign database permissions. Obviously through root login on VM there is a comprehensive navigation to add databases, add users, add database permission, etc. Can you please help to direct us on how to get this working?

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Ok, I’ll bite.

The standard Virtualmin workflow is to create a virtual server and this in turn creates the corresponding user as well as a database, with the appropriate permissions. This user can then create more database which he will own.

You do not wish to follow that workflow. You wish to give one of your users the ability to create create additional users and then create databases which will be assigned to the users that have been created, right?

If you get a Pro licence then you could simply make your user a reseller and that would make the entire thing very tidy indeed. But here is one workflow that you could follow from within Virtualmin GPL to get the result you want:

  1. create databases via Virtualmin → Edit Database (under virtual server of your user)
  2. change owner / username in Webmin → MySQL Database Server → Database Permissions button under Global Options

Caveat: you will have to give your user the required enhanced access to Virtualmin to be able to do this. Double check access, your user might have greater access to change ownership of databases than you might like.

Hi Niel

Thanks for stepping up to this one.

The scenario you describe is close.

To be clearer though;

We are currently licensed for pro on our servers.

We created an initial virtual server for the customer and provided permissions for the user to create sub-servers. The user is creating additional websites using the sub-server utility and is creating a database for the sub-servers. The user is wanting to create a user to associate with the database for the sub-server. It is this ability to create users for the database that seems to be missing.


Hi, Dean.

The ability to add extra users to allow access to databases can be found on Edit Users: Mail and FTP Users page, when adding a new user.


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