User management choices

This kinda follows from this thread:

This doesn’t really currently affect me since I started what basically was a test server for someone to help move them but never followed. :frowning: Given that I never really took much notice of the Edit User page. Again, I have no current need for this but it would have been nice on the old system.

Sort by last access date.

Ability to suspend based on last access date.

Ability to archive AND then delete suspended accounts. (ethical and legal considerations)

Ability to view and purge archived accounts based on date. One step too far? :wink:

Yeah, that’s super cautious, but well, legal considerations…

(None of my domains have many users so I don’t know if you can set a default number of users to display which might come in handy when dealing with multiple accounts.)

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it sounds like a lot of work, but agree this would be a nice to have but especially the with “legal considerations” given that the availability quoted there of adding many users using scripting.

First place I worked at ended up with hundreds of extraneous email because the billing software wasn’t integrated with the server management software. Even if the staff removed the primary email, other emails associated with the account were often left.