User login for password, forwarder configuration?


Long time user of Virtualmin for my hosting servers I have a little issue. Right now by default I configure all customers domains to have an alias to be their webmail with Roundcube.
I’d like to give access at user at password reset of email accounts or setup forwarders by themselves. Unhappy documentation states that you have to login at Usermin webmail that is always accessible at… How can I give access at these settings at my users ?



OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.991
Usermin version 1.840

Usermin is at


Thanks and works out of Usermin using wrong certificate whatever domain I use :frowning: I have a proper SSL key setup for that works fine to access webmail but when I add the :20000 at end of url it tries to use wrong certificate :frowning:

try without with just webmail might not has a certificate, its just use for redirection.


Yep it’s strange as there is a valid SSL certificate for the webmail sub-domain but it doesn’t use it when you try to access Usermin :frowning:

An SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt must be copied to Usermin.

Does it help if you manually restart Usermin?

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