User features not available


This has me stumped - for an existing User I have, as root, in Virtualmin > Administration Options > Edit Owner Limits > Allowed capabilities and features > Allowed features for servers, set

BIND DNS Domain - unticked

AWStats Reporting - ticked

If I log in to Virtualmin as the User and contrary to the settings I made as root

there is no Awstats Report under Virtualmin > Logs and Reports
there is BIND DNS Server underVirtualmin > Webmin Modules (the user can access this and make changes)

maybe there’s another change I need to make as root to enable/ disable these services for the User?

It turns out that by editing the default server template and selecting yes for

Administrator’s Webmin modules > AWstats Reporting (for viewing reports) did the job.

The problem was that I was under the impression that templates were used for setting up new virtual servers as I would have thought the word would imply. But no, the template seems to be permanently attached to the VS and changes to it are reflected on the VS’s created with it.