User directory in multiple disk


i have a server with 2 SSD (soft raid 1) and 2 Hard drive(soft raid 2).

I want to have website source on the SSD and image or big file on Hard drive but i want to keep ACL and user can’t access to other user file.

I think i can do it with symbolic link from one directory to another in the hard drive raid.

What do you think ?


I generally recommend you not do that. Just move the contents of /home to the new, presumably bigger, disk and mount it on /home.

If you insist, and if it’s only one domain, you could bind mount it into home.

If you aren’t using suexec (e.g. FPM for PHP or other app servers for other language apps), you can put homes anywhere you want…but, from a maintenance perspective, it’s nice to have them all in one place. Virtualmin does not (and will not, because we want you to be happy and make good decisions) make it very easy to split up homes into a bunch of different places.

Thanks for your reply.

But i need speed for litlle file like Php and hard drive space for lot of image.

It’s complicated to choose, but with server with both sdd and hard drive, i was thinking this is a solution but you say not :confused:

I have to create another vhost (for subdomain for exemple) and host all image on this host with home on the hard drive, it’s better like you say ?

Thanks for the reply.

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