Used SILLY ME :(

OS type and version Ubuntu Server 20.04
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages SUGGESTED

I was having issues getting postfix to start/run, deleted the module to reinstall, but the newest postfix.wmb required webmin 2.021 as a minimum. I couldnt find out how to update webmin, so I cleverly (facepalm) used in order to achieve 2.0.21 so i could reinstall postfix to get emails working. Instead, Virtualmin was displaying “Dashboard” only, and no other menu items. So I rebooted, no effect. I deleted the authentic theme and reinstalled. Reinstalled virtual-server-7.5.gpl.wmb which also had no effect. (installs done through webmin configuration > webmin modules > Install from link.

So now I’m back with Webmin & Virtualmin using Authentic theme, but still stuck with only dashboard in the virtualmin menu, what do i need to do to get the reat of the options back in the virtualmin menu?
I’m assuming i need to downgrade webmin from 2.021 back to 1.9xx but not sure how to progress as so far, I’ve caused fluff up after fluff up :frowning:

HELP! you beautifully intelligent web-guru’s!


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