Used too many licences

We have just commissioned a new server at work and I thought it would be the ideal device to stage Wordpress sites prior to uploading them to our production server. So clever little old me decided that the quick and dirty way of doing it was to install our professional licensed copy then once it was installed, downgrade it to GPL. Trouble was that I struck small problem with the VM I installed it on and thought the easiest way around this was to delete the VM I was working with and create a new one.

Once I did that and installed Virtualmin Pro, I received warnings about using 3 licenses when we only have one. That warning has since gone away now I have downgraded the shop server to GPL, but I think that there may be an erroneous record stating that we have used 2 licenses when in fact all we have running is one licensed production server.

My issue is that I’m not sure if this will be a problem down the track.