Use WebDav with Virtualmin/Usermin?

This question can be formulated two ways:

  1. Is there a way to add Dav addressbooks inside Usermin?


  1. Is there a WebDav server integrated with Virtualmin, that can be used for contacts or calendars?

(I tried following this guide, but I don’t seem to have a “Dav login plugin” listed among server features, nor any of the other entries indicated in the guide)

You definitely don’t want the old Virtualmin DAV plugin. It used Apache mod_dav, which is simply not fit for purpose (for anything).

Nope. But, Virtualmin Pro has a NextCloud installer, which does have WebDAV support, and seems to be what most Virtualmin users use when they need calendar and similar.

Thanks for the info - I do use Nextcloud for contacts and calendar.

So, back to point 1, is there any way to pull Dav addressbooks in Usermin?

No, but that’s a good idea and probably not that hard to implement.

It would certainly be a great feature. Would allow me not to install any extra webmail client such as Roundcube or Rainloop. Usermin has got everything I need, except for this.