Use VMIN as a send only SMTP server

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Hello sirs,

I have a situation at hand which Im thinking of how to resolve.

  • companyA uses ISP-A for internet access at work.
  • whenever the ISPs address is blacklisted, companyA cannot send emails through their… This happens frequently and it takes like 4days to resolve each time.
  • when the ISPs address is blacklisted, companyA cannot visit their webmail addr…as their ISPs address gets filtered by their webhosting provider.
  • I have setup a VMIN server to use as a relay, for example: I dont want to migrate the customers email accounts, just a relay solution which can be used temporarily. CompanyA has about 70-email users. Users can just change their outgoing addr whenever the issue happens.

Please advise, is this achievable?
How and what settings can I use


can’t they use a VPN? or is their webhosting provider as draconian as China?

It is doable in Virtualmin.

Create a virtual server with the domain of CompanyA. Then create users in Virtualmin such that every email address that CompanyA uses is also created in the virtual server in Virtualmin.

Once this is done, just configure the email client of each user of CompanyA to use the Virtualmin server as the outgoing server.

This will solve your problem of blacklisted IP address.

Additionally you will have to edit the SPF record for the domain of CompanyA as will as DKIM etc to permit the Virtualmin server to deliver mail for the domain.