use spamd and clamd instead of clamscan and spamassasin

Are there any plans for virtualmin to use spamd and clamd instead of spamssasin and clamscan? This would significantly reduce cpu usage and load.

Hey William,

This is supported already, but not by default (I think we’re going to switch over to using it by default, though, since so many folks seem to prefer it that way). The load difference isn’t actually all that big–they’re still pretty heavy jobs–but it is measurable and if memory and CPU are at a premium, it might make a useful difference for you.

To switch:

Fire up the servers and set them to start on boot:

service spamassassin start
chkconfig --level 345 spamassassin on

service clamd start
chkconfig --level 345 clamd on

Then change the configuration in Virtualmin:

Edit the Server Template you’d like the change to apply to.

In the Spam Filtering section, find the option labeled "SpamAssassin client program". Set it to "spamc".

Now, all new domains will use spamc (which uses spamd). Since this only applies to new domains, we’ll need to change the existing ones by disabling and re-enabling spam filtering for the domains in question (or we could come up with a script to do it, pretty easily, if you have a lot of domains you want to change).

The clam change isn’t per-server, since there isn’t any difference in behavior (switching to spamc removes several features, so it is per-server, and so far has not become the default). But there’s no reason not to use the clamd process–there are no useful per-user options for it anyway. This change is made in the Virtualmin Module Config page, under the Spam Filtering section. The option is labeled “Full path to clamscan command”. Set it to “clamdscan” instead of “clamscan”. I think that’s all that’s needed for this one. It’ll apply to all domains.

Holler if you have any trouble making the switch.

BTW-You do need a relatively recent version of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. Probably 3.27, but you ought to always be on the latest version, anyway.