Use same DKIM in 2 different VPS

i am using 2 smtp servers in 2 different VPS using the same domain and i want to use same DKIM for both

i already configured DKIM in one of the servers and it passes the DKIM test, but the other says “none”

Why are you doing that to me that doesn’t make much sense i guess you have published the dkim on the second domain’s dns

it is just one domain with two sub domains

Ok how are you handling dns ?

i had 1 dkim in the dns but only was working in one server so i added another dkim but still didn’t work

So is webmin managing dns or is this at your hosting provider

i am editing it through the hosting provider

you have not given enough information domain names would be a help rather than IP addresses in order to check the DNS

has no dns records, you want to fix that

how did you setup in virtualmin ?

Are you just making up a name and expecting it to work, the name needs to be registered.

if u don’t know the solution just say it…anyway thanks for your time and help

It is possible, in theory. I have never done exactly this though when migrating servers, I have applied the private key from old server to new server so that the old DKIM DNS records work across the migration.

Take the private key from one server and apply it to the other server. On Virtualmin systems they are in /etc. The filename is dkim.key or something equally obscure. :slight_smile:

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i already did that sir

Sorry, I must of did a bad lookup.

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After you copy over the private key, restart the service on the second VPS and DKIM records should work interchangeably across the two VPSs

Either the theory does not work or you are doing something wrong.