Use rspamd instead of Spamassassin

Hi all,

anyone out there who is using rspamd instead of Spamassasin?
rspamd claims to be faster and better in many ways. I’m curious if Virtualmin allows to replace Spamassassin. Maybe it is just as easy as don’t activating Spamassassin for virtual servers and to use rspamd for all users by default.

See here for a comparison:

Do you have news about to integrate Rspamd?

i was looking into that some time ago. unfortunately, abandoned rspamd migration plans since it’s not only about setting rspamd/postfix/dovecot as per various howtos online and disabling users spam filtering… it seems webmin/virtualmin has tight integration to spamassassin, so needs additional work there…
could be a feature request for future webmin/virtualmin versions… rspamd can save some resources. fewer daemons running (eg. opendkim, opendmarc, postgrey, spf, rate-limiting) and speed up mail delivery along the way… training filters is also very fast comparing…

so, also interested if anyone has succesfully migrated to rspamd.


You could always disable Virtualmin’s SpamAssassin feature, and then add rspamd to /etc/procmailrc.

You wouldn’t be able to use Virtualmin’s ability to add in spam protection on a per-domain basis, but most folks want that server-wide anyways.


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