Use .qcow2 disks

As in the subject, Is there a way to use/manage .qcow2 disks images from interface?

Other question: In the /etc/webmin/servers there are the VM settings. Is there a way to have it named using something more explicit than the serial time (I suppose)?
Seems that Renaming it, simply duplicate the entry in VM list …

Thanks, P.

We don’t support qcow or qcow2, for two reasons :

  1. There is no way to loopback mount a qcow2 image to access the filesystem inside it, which Cloudmin uses to change passwords, manage network interfaces and add disks.
  2. The qcow format doesn’t have predictable disk usage, unlike the raw format. This means that your host system might run out of disk space expanding a qcow disk image, causing writes to fail on the VM.

Thanks for replay.

I am moving VMs from Proxmox (1.9 and 2.x), to cloudmin.

What is the best way to convert it in raw format for cloudmin (preferred syntax)?

Problems if I simply add the disks to “manage disks” menu?

I had some annoying problems in converting a Windows 7 VM (java VNC …). Is cloudmin only Linux oriented or can be used also with Windows VM (7 + 2008r2)?

Thanks, P.

You can use the qemu-img command to convert disk files to raw format, which Cloudmin supports.