Use login details for SMTP authentication


We have made changes to our postfix mail server to improve security.
Before: all users from localhost were able to send emails using SMTP without authentication.
NOw: All users including from localhost should provide valid username and password to send emails trough SMTP.

Everything is working as expected - tested using PHP script with SMTP authentication.

Here is the issue we face with Usermin after that change:

We are unable to set usermin to use the username and password provided from the user on the usermin login page for SMTP authentication.

We have found (or we think we have) the place where they should be set
Webmin> Usermin Configuration> Usermin Module Configuration> Read Mail >

SMTP login name for mail server = ?
SMTP password for mail server = ?
SMTP authentication method Plain (There is and option here named “Login” but with it SMTP authentication still do not work)

but what variables we need to use for “SMTP login name for mail server” and “SMTP password for mail server” so they are the same as the one used for IMAP authentication and for usermin login.


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We have exactly the same problem. Did you solve this issue?