Use File Manager(Filemin) with Plesk

Been using webmin & virtualmin for years, and love it! I have a server managed by Plesk, and really miss the webmin file manager. Does anyone know if it is possible to use Filemin on an Ubuntu server with latest Plesk installed? I found Filemin here, but not sure if possible to install on server with Plesk, or how to do it → GitHub - Real-Gecko/Filemin: File manager for Webmin written completely in perl

If you have Ubuntu server with Plesk (without Virtualmin), you can safely install Webmin by downloading Webmin deb package and running on your server apt-get install ./webmin_current.deb to install it and use it alongside with any other control panel (including Plesk). Installing Webmin alone won’t change any configuration for your Plesk domains.

But hey, you are welcome to join Virtualmin family and we will do our best to make sure that you’re journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Thanks for reply and info. Great to know, I will install Webmin on my Plesk server. Sorry if I posted this in wrong forum, seems like this is only for Virtulamin where my question is related to Webmin.

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