Urgent Help Required: Cloudmin installation Issue

I am trying to install Cloudmin through recommended script on CentOS 5.5


But Repository looks down.

What can be the other way to install.


as a temporary fix , I used Google cache and found what I’m looking

http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/gpl/universal/wbm-server-manager-5.8.gpl-1.noarch.rpm is broken/borked

but this works,
wget http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/gpl/universal/wbm-security-updates-4.1-1.noarch.rpm
wget http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/gpl/universal/wbm-server-manager-5.7.gpl-1.noarch.rpm
wget http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/gpl/universal/wbt-virtual-server-theme-7.7-1.noarch.rpm

then just run
rpm -i filename.rpm and then install the theme configure webmin to use the theme.

this is not the most current version but it works for now until they get things figured out, btw this is for the GPL version.

Thanks a lot man, it’s really helpful for me.


Faisal Naeem
(Niewbie to Cloudmin)