Upon upgrade to new webmin version virtualmin does not function.

"The Network Configuration module is not supported on your operating system. Virtualmin needs this module to manage virtual network interfaces.

"… your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin."

Since my upgrade to the latest version of webmin, this has occurred. It had been working gracefully until this point. I am running Ubuntu 5.04.

Under Webmin Configuration, setting the OS to Debian Linux seems to trick it. However when doing the check, it now tells me that mysql fails. I’m currently working on this.

Looks like Webmin just needs to know more about Ubuntu–it is a very new OS, and so it hasn’t had time to get configuration files from volunteers. It is probably generally correct to use Debian configuration files, since Ubuntu is a Debian-derived system. I haven’t started working with Ubuntu at all yet, but will begin as soon as I get SuSE and Mandrake wrapped up.

If you wanted to get a head start, you could help Jamie out with the porting effort. First thing would be to figure out if Ubuntu is close enough to Debian to safely be treated just like another version of Debian (your statement about MySQL bring broken after this switch makes me doubt this). If it is, then there would just need to be an addition to the OS detection to allow Ubuntu to be another version of Debian–very easy to do. If it isn’t, then the config-debian-linux files will have to be copied to config-ubuntu-linux files and modified to suit the new environment. The OS detection will also need to have Ubuntu added.

As soon as I’ve got time to tackle it full Ubuntu support will be added to both Webmin and Virtualmin, and it will come with EA3, most likely (certainly Debian will be in EA3, and I suspect Ubuntu will be not much trouble beyond that).

It always turns out to be much simpler than I imagine. I had upgraded mysql and it reset the mysql admin password to blank. Once I figured this out I was able to reset the password and get it working again in webmin.

Before Ubuntu I had used Debian and Mandriva as well as RedHat. I can tell you that Debian and Ubuntu are very similar. Only differences I’ve found are minor and I’ve not found any configuration differences between the two.