Upload folders with files

OS type and version > Mac client > Debian Server
Webmin version 2.013

I have search for an answer, but the only question was not answered.

Is there a possibility to upload a folder containing files? Directly or a zipped folder/files and unzip on the server? Or is there any other options?

This does it

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You can upload a zip file using File Manager and then extract by right clicking on it.

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No. This uploads the “content” of a directory. Not the directory with sub directories. No directories are uploaded.

did for me, I tested it before I posted

you are not compressing the folder then.

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Although @stefan1959 has answered the question, I’ll elaborate:

It is a FILE manager, not a DIRECTORIES manager. When you’re using file manager it assumes you’re going to select one or more files, not a directory architecture.

So when you click on a folder, it’s going to open that folder thinking that you’re looking for THE file or files you want to upload.

That’s why the thing to do is zip the folder you want to move. Then go to where you want that folder to be on your server. Upload that zip file to that location. Then you can select that zip file, unzip it and there it is.

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Yes. Zipping works. Thank you!

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