Upgrading VirtualMin installer from 6 to 7 -- more than just the repo names?

took a peek at the newest installer, v7, and can see how the repos have been collapsed a bit … now all rpm distros use the /rpm/ repo :grinning:

is there a path or plan or utility, or should I not worry at all, about upgrading my current v6 systems to v7?

that is, change from the v6 config like


to the v7 config of


(as well as the change to the Neutral/Universal repo name and path)

I am happy to keep all my RHEL systems just the way they are, as long as the whole v6 repo structure is still supported and kept in lock step as much as possible with any updates deployed in the v7 repos.

While I am very comfortable in editing /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo (possibly even automating it as we use puppet for most of our config management) I worry there could be much more to upgrading to v7 than just changing the repo name/path itself :grinning:

And I apologize if I am not using the proper terminology – please educate me !!


To update repo’s download the latest install.sh and use the --setup option, this only updates repos,

You should just leave it alone. Virtualmin 6 repos will be maintained for a couple more years, at least.

There are dependency changes, and depending on your distro and version it may be dangerous to switch without a plan and some actions to make it safe. e.g. CentOS 7 is not safe to switch to VM7 repos without some pretty significant changes (we no longer maintain a custom httpd package, and have removed all execution modes for PHP except FPM because of that change, pretty significant and potentially disruptive). Ubuntu may not be safe to change yet (but may be eventually).

There is no reason to change, yet. The VM6 repos will continue to get all the updates the VM7 repos get. You’re already on the latest Webmin and Virtualmin versions (or should be, and they are in both repos).

I updated the repos with the new script (centos 7) a month or so ago, what should I do?

Is everything working? Then do nothing.

(Note that install.sh --setup will not change from vm6 repos to vm7 repos. It only upgrades from pre-6 repos to vm6 repos, which is a necessary change, and not risky.)

thanks !! I will leave all my v6 systems just the way they are :slight_smile:


Yep all working except bind, but I don’t use that anyways ( I used vultr dns service) and I’m planning to update to Rocky soon.

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