Upgrading to a lifetime licence?

I purchased an unlimited licence on 09/15/2010

If the lifetime licence had been available then I’d have gone for that option.

I recently purchased another licence and saw the new lifetime licence and ordered that one.

My question, can I upgrade the 09/15/2010 licence to a lifetime one and, if so, how much will it cost…?

And where can I order the upgrade from…?

Many thanks.


I presume that nobody knows the answer to this one and can’t get an answer from support either…

Maybe it isn’t possible to upgrade…?



Sure they upgrade and charge the difference between what you have and whatever you want to upgrade to.


Upgrading to the lifetime license is available, but the shop isn’t smart enough to do the math. Open a support ticket assigned to me with the serial number you’d like to upgrade (don’t include the license key, or include other sensitive data, unless you mark the ticket private), and I’ll add up the cost, and get back to you with the amount you can send to us via PayPal (or I can send a PayPal invoice for the amount, which you can pay by credit card, I think).

I’ll figure out how to handle it automatically eventually, but it’ll take some code to do the math and such.

I’ll contact you via email, Pete, with details of your particular case.

Thanks Joe - I also recently sent a PayPal Payment for a third additional new licence if you can look for that and add it to our account.

Very many thanks