Upgrading Postgresql on a Virtualmin server

Followed instructions here: http://www.liquidweb.com/kb/how-to-install-and-connect-to-postgresql-on-centos-7 however getting stuck in applying the changes to Virtualmin:

Webmin > servers > postgres > module config > system config

Path to psql command: 
Command to start PostgreSQL:
	systemctl start postgresql-9.3
Command to stop PostgreSQL:
	systemctl stop postgresql-9.3
Command to initialize PostgreSQ:
	/usr/pgsql-9.3/bin/postgresql93-setup initdb
Path to postmaster PID file:
Paths to host access config file:
Path to pg_dump command:
Path to pg_restore command:
Default backup repository directory:

These are based of the settings I had on my CentOS 6 server - but there doesn’t seem to be a pid on a CentOS 7 install, and virtualmin is complaining that Postgres isn’t running.

Any ideas on how to set it up correctly?