Upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS to 22.04.2 LTS?

I was wonderiong if anyone has successfully upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS? And if so were there any issues with Webmin & Virtualmin that you had to resolve with the upgrade?

Thank you in advance

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but I consider an OS upgrade such a major step I did it outside of virtualmin. That is I did the OS upgrade and assumed everything would be different then reinstalled everything from scratch. I took the virtualmin and some other stuff from backup and all worked (or at least appeared to). 22.04 is quite a different beast from 20.04 so it wouldn’t surprise me if something might break. I guess you could try (but be sure you have a backup to unwind to)

That’s exactly what I am thinking. It is a major jump and will likely result in breaking something. I was just curious if anyone had any success in doing the upgrade and if they did what broke with Virtual/Webmin

I’ve upgraded Ubuntu while running Virtualmin since 18.04 to presently at 22.04 and never had an issue.

I’m not sure why people have issues. I’ve always just run sudo do-release-upgrade and it works with no issues at all.

My guess would be that people look at all sorts of bizarre tutorials online that have you do 1000 steps before doing the upgrade.

I’ve always ignored those.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many people come here having major issues with Virtualmin for the same reason: they followed some overblown 1000 part directions for installing Virtualmin that broke their systems rather than just following the three very simple steps on this site.

Yes. It is not that I don’t trust Virtualmin to look after itself. It is just that there are lots of other things on my servers that Virtualmin has nothing to do with and no knowledge of. Most of these (if not all) were built for an older version of OS and probably were never upgraded for a new OS with breaking changes. Nothing to do with anything bizarre

What a great and good news

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