Upgrading from Free to Pro version

If we upgrade Virtualmin from the Free GPL version (CentOS7) to the Pro version, is there any operational impact on the existing setup?
i.e. is it just a licence upgrade and access to additional features, or does something change that might make the existing system no longer function?

We have a number of websites, domains and emails running, so we do not want to cause disruption by upgrading.


No, it is meant to be flawless – you would just need to go to System Settings / Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro page and paste your serial and license key to upgrade to Pro.

Thank you.

There’s currently an issue with the Pro package that prevents the automated upgrade from happening. It’s harmless, but does require manually installing the package after the upgrade to actually get Pro features. It will be fixed with the next wbm-virtual-server module package update, hopefully coming today, but definitely by the weekend.

If you upgrade before then you can just do:

# yum downgrade wbm-virtual-server-6.10-1

This is because the version of the wbm-virtual-server-6.10-1.gpl package parses as newer than the Pro package (because of the gpl` bit). We had to bump the Epoch to fix a repo problem…so, I need to do the same to the Pro package.

Let us know if you have any problems. But, upgrading (and downgrading) are both data safe. It won’t hurt your deployment or do anything to your data/websites.

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