Upgrade Ubuntu VPS


I have a VPS with Ubuntu Linux 20.04.5 installed and running with zero issues, VM and Webmin are uptodate.

The VPS have some Wordpress websites, some MySQL databases with support for send/receive emails.

I want to update to the latest version of Ubuntu 22.04. Are there any known issues? or I just can run de upgrade command?


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any ideas?

first make a snapshot of your current vm so you can go back to it if things go boom. i would highly advise to make a backup using the virt built in backup system. erase the vm…install the new version minimal from scratch…install virt with your installer…then pull the backup into the system…reduces the chances of issues.

Why are you going to do that?

20.04 end of life isn’t until 2030. There’s no need at all to upgrade.

If you were going to do a fresh install, then sure. Go with 22.04. But if you’re on a production server, just leave it alone.

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Maybe to get php 8.1 without adding extra ppa’s. If I remember correctly php 7.4 comes to end of life later this year, or save going for 22.04 you could do this


Exactly! I want to update PHP and others libs

I went down the ppa route to add updated libs & PHP to date this is working fine but there will be a point in the future where everything fails ! I am doing some ground work before I do what you want to do I’ll let you know how it fairs

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