Upgrade to ubuntu 22.04.1 causes "The procmail command in the Postfix configuration does not exist"

Yep, i know i should have read the virtualmin site before updating to Ubuntu but sadly i did not.

I have, what was a super stable machine running on Ubuntu LTS, so i in a moment of enthusiasm updated to Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1 and Ubuntu Pro… So now on 22.04.1 Virtualmin version: 6.13 Webmin version: 1.962 and am getting an error when i use the “re-check configuration” it barfs with “The procmail command in the Postfix configuration does not exist.” I ran through the “Re-run install wizard” which completed without issue, this is my first ping to see if this is fixable - the server is not internet facing and i use it mainly as a canary before pushing updates out to the Virtualmin Pro that is on the net. I am about to compare with the system that does not have this error. SO, on the updated machine it does not have ‘/usr/bin/procmail-wrapper’: No such file:

SO, i checked my apt sources.lists on the canary machine, and the virtualmin list had been disabled, i re-enabled that and was able to install the Focal Fossa version of procmail-wrapper and now the check completes…

I guess i wanted to make sure that any sad human who rashly updates without thinking can find the answer and also get a handle on when the Jammy Jellyfish repo will arrive.


Thanks for virtualmin…

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Never. (But, 22.04 is fully supported by the Virtualmin 7 install script.)

We no longer do specific repos for Ubuntu and Debian versions, as we provide only one binary package on those distros, and it is compatible across all of them. The /vm/7 repos have been consolidated into a single Debian/Ubuntu repo. You should not, however, switch to the /vm/7 repos, because it also changes the metapackages to use mariadb instead of mysql, which is not a change that should be undertaken lightly.

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