upgrade to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS fom 8.04


how I can upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04 LTS. Any idea is appreciated.

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There’s some notes on moving from Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04 here:


Hello Andy,

thank you your response.
However mye fault that not specified my question.

I have a CentOS based Xen Cloudmin install. I have to install the Ubuntu 10.04 (x64 version ) but as I see the Ubuntu 10.04 is not support the Xen. As I see on the GPL images has the 32 bit version but 64 bit none.

I deployed the Ubi 8.04 LTS then dist-upgrade but the 10.04 not booted.

Is there any solution to resolve the problem?

Thank you and sorry for not accurate question.



Yeah, unless you’ll be giving it more than 2GB of RAM – we’d highly suggest using a 32 bit distro for VPS images. We’d generally suggest not using 64 bit unless it has 3GB of RAM.

A 64 bit distro requires twice as much RAM as a 32 bit distro… and most VPS images tend to be a bit more memory constrained than a dedicated server.

So if possible, using one of those 32bit images is what we’d recommend :slight_smile:


Hello Eric,

In this particular case I have to setup a new Zentyal server. The VPS has 4GB dedicated memory (the phsysical has 16 GB). What do you think is it worth it the 64 bit? (Max 10 users, mail server (zarafa), alfresco and possible sugarcrm).

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