Upgrade to PHP 5.6

I was just wondering if this is still the current (correct) way to upgrade to PHP 5.6 : https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/web/multiplephp

and if anything needs to be restart(ed) for Virtulmin to see it… I’ve got everything up and running WELL, and do not want to mess it up, I’m copying ALL backups to a V-Drive right now.

Thanks for any input on this.



Yup, that’s the recommended way of adding a new PHP version to your server.

That process is a lot safer than upgrading an existing PHP version from a third party, as the CentOS SCL repo those directions use add packages designed to run side by side with your existing packages.

Which distro/version is it that you’re using there?


Yes, I read about adding 3rd party repos and honestly will do without… At The Moment I’m getting ODD errors that I didn’t have on the host (PHP 5.6), so I’m thinking it’s either the PHP Version or the .INI file…

I’m On CentOS 7 Server, Minimal Install, And got EVERYTHING running like a Freight Train! So I’m taking things SLOW (Been up and running 10 Days straight), Still need to work on getting my NameServer working but that’s on the back burner now that I have EVERYTHING (ZONE WISE) at my Registrar Set and I have 1 MX Error According to MXTOOLBOX, and that’s SOA, and I believe that’s not changeable while I use them for the look-ups, But I Haven’t seen anything Adverse from it…

I have ALL BACKUPS running daily (DB’S Hourly), and read that If I mess something up just re-install the OS, Virtualmin, Bring in Back-ups and restore, and All “SHOULD” Be good. So I’ll give the Upgrade a Shot today!

Thanks for the reply


Well, That was EXTREMELY PAINLESS!! Wow Virtualmin runs GREAT when it’s in right!!!

Up and Running on 5.6.

Thanks for the info, that was one of the things I was REALLY Stressing!


Glad to hear that’s all working well for you!

Now that you have that installed, you can switch back and forth between PHP versions per-domain, or even per-directory.


Yep, I see, But I have a New Problem, LOL, PhpmyAdmin, Will post new thread as this is Several Layers Deeper then my knowledge goes… And read Quit a Few things that you posted on that seems may be related to the upgrade… But before I go to far I need Advise…