Upgrade to AlmaLinux 9.2

Who has upgraded to AlmaLinux 9.2, without problems with Virtualmin?

From what are you upgrading?

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with AlmaLinux 9.1

I have upgraded to RHEL 9.2 with no problems that I know of.

And what are the known problems?

" no problems that I know of "

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I was running AlmaLinux 9.1 and was offered (by VM software updates) and accepted to update to AlmaLinux 9.2.
There were no problems. It just worked! A reboot was required.

I run a vanilla Alma and Virtualmin installation. Some additional packages like Cal/CardDAV server and Wordpress. No issues there either.

Minor version updates are just that: minor.

Note that Virtualmin is not your package manager, we’re just providing a GUI on top of it. We’re telling you what updates your package manager offers. Your package manager is dnf, and you could do the same thing from the command line that you do in the GUI in Virtualmin.

I’m just wanting to make that clear, as sometimes we get yelled at for “recommending” an update that the user thinks broke their system or whatever, on the assumption that we had something to do with the update…we only offer what’s available. The only updates we’re responsible for are the ones from our repos (which also are installed using your system package manager).

Apologies @Joe I did not mean to give that impression.
I wanted to convey how easy and semi-automated Virtualmin makes updating the system.
I just wait for the email that tells me there are updates available and then login to choose and perform the update process. Yes, dnf does the work but Virtualmin makes it all so easy.

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