Upgrade Renewal to virtualmin Pro

Hi its me again,

I decided to “upgrade” from GPL to Pro. When I use Virtualmin > System Settings > Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro > http://www.virtualmin.com/catalog/19 doesn’t function. Can somebody tell me if this is the right licence to buy at the start: Virtualmin ** Annual License

I only want to know it is the right way.

I wish everybody a bug free 2010 from germany.

Yeah, you would need an annual license.

You should be able to choose the Upgrade to Pro option, and enter the license/serial number if gave you after purchasing the annual license.

What error do you get when attempting to do that?


thank you for the fast reply. When I go in my virtaulmin and klick on

http://www.virtualmin.com/catalog/19 I get:

Die Navigation zu der Webseite wurde abgebrochen.
The navigation to the website was disconnected.

When I copy it into the browser its no problem.

Do you know how long it takes to get the serial?

  • Greetings Jose-

I bought a Virtualmin Pro ** Annual License at the Virtualmin Shop and paid with credit card.
I was very surprised to get the license immediately.

Wow super. And upgraded immediately my GPL system.
Install Scripts - Brilliant !!!

The only teardrop: Every Alias-Domain is counted as a full Domain. I have to upgrade!!

Until now I’m very impressed by Virtualmin.

  • Greetings -