Upgrade path from CentOS 5 to Centos 6?


Is there a recommended upgrade path from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6? I’m increasingly getting complaints about users not being to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress as it needs PHP 5.2 so want to plan an upgrade.

Will Virtualmin still work if i were to upgrade the OS or is it recommended to backup, fresh install and restore?


Virtualmin would still work… but RHEL/CentOS doesn’t recommend performing such upgrades. Details on that are here:


I’ll mention though that you could always use the Virtualmin Bleed repository with CentOS 5, which would get you PHP 5.2:


Thanks for the reply. I’ve already tried the bleed repository and it broke a few other things so i’m not so keen on trying that again.

Hmm, that’s odd, as PHP in the bleed repository is pretty heavily used… including by the website running virtualmin.com. So, it should work pretty well :slight_smile:

If you’d like to go over what problems you ran into, we’d be happy to help.

There’s another option of trying the “php53” packages that come with CentOS 5.6. However, I consider PHP 5.2.17 from the bleed repo a safer and simpler upgrade :slight_smile:


Virtualmin itself was fine, the problem seemed to be with some of the older websites on the server, they just stopped working.

We decided it was probably simpler to have a new server running CentOS 6 and the php53 and move anyone that wanted it to the new server. Which is what we’ve done.

thanks for your help.