Upgrade MySQL to 5.5.28


I’d like to upgrade MySQL from 5.0 to 5.5.28. After all the backup I run

yum install mysql55 mysql55-server

but it looks like it’s trying to install 5.5.32 instead, how do I get 5.5.28? I’m on CentOS 5.

Thank you!


Note that we recommend against using packages from third parties if at all possible – there’s a number of problems you can run into by enabling third party repositories, and installing packages from them.

CentOS doesn’t actually provide MySQL 5.5 for CentOS 5.

If you’re sure you know what you’re doing though – if the repository you’re using is only giving you 5.5.32, that may mean they’re not providing older versions… since 5.5.28 is a year old, it may even contain security issues.

What you may need to do though is to browse that particular repository, and review which MySQL versions you see there in order to confirm that they actually provide 5.5.28.


Oh I didn’t know. So what is the highest version of MySQL that CentOS supports?


Software versions on a given Linux distribution generally don’t change over time, in order to maintain stability and compatibility. Bug fixes and security updates are backported into the software version that initially shipped with that distro.

In the case of CentOS 5, the most recent MySQL version available on it is 5.0.95.

With CentOS 6, the MySQL version is 5.1.69.

It does look like in the case of MySQL, that Ubuntu may have updated the version they ship – it looks like Ubuntu 12.04 provides 5.5.32, and Debian 7 offers 5.5.31.


As of CentOS 5.10, MySQL 5.5 is supported.