Upgrade Lenny to Wheezy

I have a VPS box which runs Debian Lenny & Virtualmin very smooth together. In all those years no problem at all. But now comes the time that my VPS must receive her OS update, but to be honest, i am very frighten to do so.

The latest stable version of Debian is Wheezy and ofcourse if i upgrade i want to go to Wheezy. But do i have to upgrade first to Squeeze?

Is there a tutorial how to upgrade from Lenny to Wheezy or is it not done to go two steps forward?

I have 5 domains listed in Virtualmin with a total of 60GB of data. Webmin 1.650 is installed.


You would indeed want to upgrade first to Squeeze, then to Wheezy.

I don’t believe Debian does any testing on jumping multiple versions, and I know we don’t :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I think attempting that would give you an above average change of running into unusual issues along the way.

There are instructions on how to perform each of those two upgrade steps though… you can find those here: