Upgrade cloudmin to cloudmin PRO failed


I have a problem when i upgrade cloudmin to cloudmin pro

Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... E: Version '' for 'webmin-server-manager' was not found .. done Some errors occurred while upgrading your system to Cloudmin Pro. Please check the messages above for possible causes And in commande line: cloudmin add-licence --serial ******* --key ********** The specified serial number and key are not valid Adds a valid existing Virtualmin license. cloudmin add-licence --serial number --key string and I try this: # cloudmin change-licence --serial **********--key ********** Command change-licence.pl was not found Any idea ?


I found the solution, I haven’t forget in sources.list this entry:
deb http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/kvm/debian binary/

Thanks !