Updating WordPress MU script

WordPress MU 2.7 is out; I wanted to update the script as I have others like PHPBB; where all I had to do was change the version number; this didn’t work in this script; I get the error:
Failed to extract source : Sub-directory wordpress-mu-* was not found
Looking at the install sub routine didn’t help me.

Does anyone have an updated script that works?

I’d pop this question in the Bugs and Issues tracker. Jamie at the very least would try to get this into the next release, and might even have a suggestion on how you could begin using it now.

I just saw Jamie check this into Subversion:

+Updated the phpMyAdmin script installer to version 3.1.2, TextPattern to 4.0.8, Magento to 1.2.1, Typo to 5.2, Moodle to 1.9.4 and 1.7.7, phpList to 2.10.9, SugarCRM to 5.2.0a, WordPress MU to 2.7, Horde Webmail to 1.2.2, Horde to 3.3.3, IMP to 4.3.3, OpenX to 2.6.4, ZenPhoto to 1.2.3, Zikula to 1.1.1, Coppermine to 1.4.20, and phpMyFAQ to 2.0.11.

3.66 will have 2.7.

I’ve attached the updated wpmu.pl file.

Stupid forum!

OK, attaching again. [file name=wpmu.gz size=2747]http://www.virtualmin.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/files/wpmu.gz[/file]