Updating VM Pro

How do I update VM 3.54 Pro to VM 3.55 Pro?

You should have a Virtualmin Package Updates section on your system information page, and it should offer to upgrade for you…if you don’t, let me know, as there’s a problem that we’ll need to resolve.

It shows under Configure this page as checked, but does not appear on the system info page.

What OS and version are you running?

Was this system upgraded from Virtualmin GPL?

Ubuntu Server 7.10

No, VirtualMin was installed using the Pro download.

OK, so you’ve got me confused.

The Virtualmin install.sh (and the repos that it requires) only support Ubuntu 6.06LTS. Which would explain why things are pear-shaped on your system–there is no repository for Ubuntu 7.10, and thus nowhere for updates to come from (that said, I can’t figure out how you would have gotten Virtualmin installed on Ubuntu 7.10 without doing a manual install, since install.sh should have refused to work).

Anyway…I guess the best option would be to setup Webmin to know about our .wbm module repository. Assuming you installed via .wbm files? Or did you install .debs? (Sorry to be so full of questions with no answers…your OS and how you installed response makes me less able to answer than more!)

lol - six attempts to install VirtualMin on a clean 6.06 LTS later using install.sh I gave up on that idea and installed using .wbm from the pro repository on the 7.10 system.

Now, how do I let Webmin know about the repository?

Did you ask us about the failures? I don’t know of any serious issues with installs on Ubuntu 6.06LTS, but we’ll fix them if there are any.

Anyway, to setup the repo (noting that this only applies to the wbm modules–you’ll have to keep an eye on your apt-provided packages and your apache2 rebuild yourself):

. /etc/virtualmin-license
echo "upsource=http://software.virtualmin.com/wbm/updates.txt http://www.webmin.com/updates/updates.txt" >>/etc/webmin/webmin/config
echo "upthird=1" >>/etc/webmin/webmin/config
echo "upuser=$SerialNumber" >>/etc/webmin/webmin/config
echo "uppass=$LicenseKey" >>/etc/webmin/webmin/config
echo "upshow=1" >>/etc/webmin/webmin/config

Thanks for the code, I’ll try that.

No, I didn’t ask with installation help. The script simply hung, no error message.

At this point I will be more interested in a working script for 8.04 :slight_smile: