Updating |virtualmin-config| |virtualmin-lemp-stack| from UI wants me to install other packages and updating them via SSH not. Why?

OS type and version Debian Linux 12
Webmin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 2.111
Related packages

When I try to update virtualmin-config virtualmin-lemp-stack from Webmin menu, they want to install other packages too:

I’ve read that one of these packages was wrong and wanted me to install Apache over Nginx before but it got fixed. However since the fix some packages are still left which want to get installed.

When I try to upgrade them via SSH console

|virtualmin-config| |virtualmin-lemp-stack|

only these two want to get installed and the ones which can be seen on the screenshot not.

Do the new packages needed or not? What is the correct way of installing these?

Thank you for help!

As you can see below, from SSH the new packages not listed as additional:


This is all good and very much expected. We added the opendkim package to the list of recommended packages for full LEMP/LAMP stacks.

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Thank you for reply!
Then I will install all of them.

Yes, as long as it’s version 7.0.6 and not 7.0.5, and Apache isn’t installed as a dependency, it’s all good then!

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