Updates? how to

**Operating system:Debian
OS version: 10

hi, I have 52 updates and I am very afraid that if I update the system the system crashes as it has happened to me several times; what do you recommend?

If your service provider offers a ‘snapshot’ facility, then take a snapshot / image of the server and do the update. If it does not work out, use the snapshot / image to restore.

If there is no option for snapshot / image then backup each virtual server (I can offer temporary space for this on my server, if you want it) and then do the update. If it does not work out, quickly install Virtualmin on a new VPS and restore your virtual servers one by one.

If you are feeling lucky, take the plunge and do the updates without backup. I have several Debian 10 systems across providers such as AWS, Linode and DO, which I updated last night and everything went off well, if that is any assurance.

I do a virtualmin bachup every six hours in the backup section so if everything goes wrong just restore the backups I have on other servers after reinstalling virtualmin?

Is that a remote / off-site backup section or a backup section on the server you intend to update?

in the Vitrtualmin-> Backup Restore section, I set up an external server where I backup all domains etc of virtualmin

Excellent. You are good to go.

Best of luck with the updates. :+1:

so if there is a problem I reinstall debian, virtualmin, and restore in the restore section right?


Oh, I must add more text before I can post…

Tanks very much

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